Feb 16
Our last exciting announcement was Auto IQ's move to join Southern Star Automotive at their 1804 Roper Mtn Road location.  It was a great shared space location and was convenient to service.
David Tremonti, who owned Southern Star, has decided to follow his passion for working on Classic cars, starting with his own extensive collection.  David has offered Auto IQ an opportunity to have our own service Department.  
As of January 1, 2016 Auto IQ has taken over Southern Star Automotive. With the takeover of the service operation, we will be able to offer both Auto IQ and Southern Star's clients the same level of personal service and cost controls
they have to come to expect from Auto IQ for the past 18 years. This is an unexpected blessing, and we are grateful to David and his family for this opportunity. We wish him well in his new venture!
We will be contacting both Auto IQ and Southern Star customers soon to let them know of the changes. It will be business as usual, with one immediate change being the expansion of service to work on most all Makes and Models of automobiles, while still specializing in Mercedes, Volkswagen & Audi. Auto IQ will now be able to service all the Makes & Models we sell and give our clients a place to come back to for continued service they can trust.
Feb 14

As Auto I.Q. has continually grown, we’ve searched for a suitable venue in which to showcase handpicked inventory. In the process, we have discovered yet another innovative approach to serving our customers – all in one location!   For over two years, many of our automobiles have been serviced by David Tremonti, owner of Southern Star.  Along with high ethical standards and business practices, David shares our passion to put the customer first, delivering the best in automotive excellence.  He has invited us to share space, with an excellent location to display automobiles.  With excellent service at hand, we are free to continue serving the needs of our clientele with minimal overhead – still offering the most economical price on the finest in used vehicles on the market today.    Our original office at 2508 East North Street is now closed, and our new sales office is now open, located at 1804 A  Roper Mountain Road  in Greenville, sharing space with Southern Star.   Our telephone number remains unchanged, at 864-233-8911. We look forward to seeing you, to show you how our unique approach to autos remains unchanged as well, and why Auto I.Q. really is - The Intelligent Choice in Autos

Dec 12

Edmunds said that the area affected by the storm accounts for about 20 percent of national sales, adding that import and luxury brands took the biggest hit. Joseph Spak, an analyst with RBC Capital Markets in NY, estimated that the numbers of vehicles that have to be replaced as well as a result from Sandy could surpass the roughly 640,000 scrapped after hurricane Katrina, which devastated the Gulf of Mexico coastline in 2005.

Many consumers who need a new vehicle will focus on the used-vehicle market. But high prices and low availability of desirable used cars- factors undoubtedly exacerbated by storm damage- and cheap, widely available financing could make new used cars more attractive to many, said Jessica Caldwell, a senior analyst with Edmunds. “For these folks who weren’t planning on [car shopping], its at least going to be an easier time getting a loan than it has been in the past.” This is why people need our services we can protect you from making a costly mistake by identifying problems before you purchase.

People are unaware that services like Carfax and Autocheck are information or Data gathering services they have no expertise in checking the condition of an auto and not one employee that will physically look at an auto. There can be massive gaps in info like paint work ,flood ,salt ,mechanical neglect we have the expertise to keep you safe.

Dec 12

Hyundai-Kia admits mpg ratings were bogus

Hyundai and Kia built their reputations with high-mpg vehicles in the past few years. But much of that marketing sparkle went poof last week.

The EPA forced the two companies to scale back inflated mpg rating on 900,000 vehicles in the 2011-2013 model years.
The skin backs mean Hyundai and Kia will be forced to:
•    Mollify the owners and devise an efficient method to send them refunds.
•    Coach dealers to handle the customers.
•    Rebuild its tarnished reputation.
•    Deal with possible fines from regulators and lawsuits from customers.

Read more: 40 MPG? Not really

Why we're different

We are not like other car dealers. We listen to what our customers want and need in a car, and then go out and find it for you! Instead of driving all over the area, let us do the legwork. In turn you will get a great vehicle picked just for you, and save yourself time, money and a lot of hassle!

Some of our Services

  • We check for previous paintwork and structural damage
  • Non smoker Cars
  • Good history
  • We use Carfax and Autocheck reports
  • Certified mechanics for the brand car you are buying
  • Services are brought up to date and mileage (i.e. Timing belts etc.)
  • Free consulting - when you purchase a car from Auto IQ you get us!

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